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United Cyber Defense
It's your business. It deserves defending.

For most businesses, business and client data are the most critical business assets. Criminals know this, that's why small businesses absorb 77% of the cyberattacks in the United States, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. And unfortunately, over 60% of small businesses that suffer an attack go out of business within 6 months, according to the National Small Business Association and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Criminal organizations around the world know that the vast majority of small businesses do not have defensive measures in place to defend even their most critical business assets, regardless of whether the data is held at the business or in the cloud.  

United Cyber Defense, by United Key Data Services L.L.C., provides a unified and affordable platform for monitoring and defending your business and client data. Our solution allows us to defend & monitor every computer in your business, in near real-time, from malware, ransomware and other threats, and assist you with incident response at no additional cost. We will also defend your email system to ensure that phishing attacks and dangerous attachments are not able to reach your inbox–one of the most common ways cyber weapons are delivered to victims. 

All for $30 per month per computer, which includes software and services. 

Call (201) 297-1667 or email to learn more, and start defending your business! Because, it's your business. It deserves defending. 

For health services providers, financial advisors and tax specialists, these defenses are required by complaince laws and are available to you to help you meet compliance. We also provide more robust consulting services that include tailored cybersecurity awareness programs, policy writing, network defense and compliance audits, which are also required by most compliance regimens. United Cyber Defense subscribers receive significant discounts on these services.

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